Family outings with children – 5 helpful tips

You’re sweating as a mild sense of panic sets in. The clock is ticking. Everyone with young children knows that it can be hard work taking them on family outings. It was easier when you only had yourself to think about and could just throw a few things in a bag and go.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – A walk in the woods makes a great family outing.
Just a short time spent on outdoor activities with kids can recharge your serenity and energy levels.
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Anna Kihlström and Jacob Lönnström are active outdoor people who take their daughter with them on most family outings. How do they do it? Here are their tips.

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  • Take the time to plan. Family outings with children undeniably require more planning. So give yourself the time to think through what you need to take with you. It’s always better to leave 10 (or 30) minutes late if it means you have the essentials with you. This is especially important when you are going somewhere with no amenities – like the mountains!
  • Be flexible. Be prepared that things never turn out exactly the way you had planned. It’s good to be willing and able to change your plans if necessary.

Anna and Jacob live in the Swedish Mountains. Here are their top tips for family outings in Åre, a leading ski resort in Sweden.

  • Lower your expectations. Don’t overdo things! One hour in the mountains with a snack can be more rewarding than several hours of high-octane hiking. Just a short time spent on outdoor activities with children can be a welcome break from your daily routine and recharges your serenity and energy levels.
  • Choose outdoor activities for children that are close at hand. Make things easier for yourself by choosing destinations close by that are easy to reach. Any family outing is always preferable to just sitting at home.
  • Just go! Outdoor activities with children don’t need to be complicated – just keep it simple. Pack the essentials and just go! Take things as they come. And have fun :)

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Watch the video about Baby Carrier One Outdoors with Anna and Jacob and their daughter Edith.

About Anna and Jacob in the article

Anna Kihlström works as Visual Merchandiser at Peak Performance*. She likes skiing, interior design and working out. Jacob Lönnström works at Peak Performance*, and is also a part-time firefighter and gym owner. He likes CrossFit, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing. Both Anna and Jacob are models for BabyBjörn’s new baby carrier One Outdoors.

*Peak Performance is a Swedish clothing brand for functional sports and casual fashion.