9 popular travel apps for your vacation

Here are 9 travel apps that make vacations easier and more fun to plan. You can find restaurants based on other people’s reviews or book a cozy place to stay in a location with no hotels. And the postcards you invariably forget to send might just make it to the mailbox this time.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Excited children at an airport – we offer our best tips on travel apps
Transform the pictures on your smartphone into real postcards.
Photo: Johnér
  1. TripAdvisor. Read what other travelers think about a destination. Traveler-rated attractions, restaurants and hotels with lots of photos, maps and a feature for making reservations. Possibly the most comprehensive of all the travel apps.
  2. City Guides by National Geographic. Well-written city guides containing what National Geographic is most famous for – inspiring photos! You can also find fun facts about different cities, check the weather and get current exchange rates.
  3. Google Earth. Check out what your destination looks like in detail. A fantastic way to pass time on your flight or train trip – immerse yourself in hiking trails or 3D images of the Colosseum in Rome.
  4. Momondo. Find flights that match your budget and book instantly. Has a flexible search feature if you don’t know exactly when and where you want to go. Searches all airlines and travel agencies.
  5. Airbnb. Find and rent unique accommodations with this digital vacation rental giant. You live in a real home – a Manhattan apartment, a mountain cottage – and rent directly from the homeowner.
  6. Uber. Book taxis in big cities. You pay by credit card, and the tip is already included. You can view the price and route right in the app.
  7. Skype WiFi. When homesickness creeps in, or when you want to show what an amazing time you’re having on your vacation! An easy way to keep in touch with people back home.
  8. Postagram. Turn your cellphone photos into…actual postcards. This is more personal than some stock photo, and you don’t have to hunt down stamps, postcards or mailboxes on your vacation.
  9. Travel insurance apps. Might sound nerdy, but these can be extremely useful. Handy if you need a doctor, ambulance, medication or local police number while you’re out of state or abroad.