Swedish mountains – tips for family activities in Åre

There are plenty of fun things to do in the Swedish mountains with your children. Here are some tips for family outings in the Swedish mountains in Åre, Sweden.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Anna and Jacob offers tips on activities in the Swedish mountains with children.
Photo: BabyBjörn

Anna Kihlström and Jacob Lönnström from Åre, Sweden, share their best tips on Swedish mountain hiking and skiing with children in summer or winter.

Family outings undeniably require more planning. Great tips for your next outing.

Winter in the Swedish mountains

Rödkullen (Red Hill). This child-friendly ski area in the Åre mountains makes a great day out, especially in the company of other parents. You adults can take turns going skiing and watching the kids. There’s a barbecue spot and a tobogganing hill at the bottom of Rödkullen’s parking area. You can “ski” on a conveyor belt with your youngest ones, go sledding or grill sausages, or simply take it easy and enjoy the scenery.

Vita Renen (White Reindeer) waffle hut and restaurant in the slopes. Take a cross-country tour to White Reindeer peak. You can start out at Edsåsdalen, about 2½ miles away. Your child can be pulled behind you in your toboggan while you ski. And a very young baby can travel safely, too, in a baby carrier inside your jacket or snowsuit and come along to see some of the world’s finest mountain ranges. Fantastic views of Åre from here!

Fröa Gruva. Situated between Huså and Åre Björnen, this former copper mining area offers cross-country skiing, a nice 2½-mile trail and what must be the world’s coziest cabin with good food. A child-friendly experience.

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Summer in the Swedish mountains

The Åre mountains. If you’re not a fan of winter skiing in Sweden, Åre also makes a great summertime destination. Park at the Fjällgården hotel, put your baby in a baby carrier and hike straight up the mountains. Walk just 15 minutes and you’ll already see the world’s best views. Or walk 30-40 minutes more and reach Hummeln, where the views are even more expansive.

Ullådalen. This valley is a fall favorite with fabulous colors and views. Start at Ullådalen and hike straight up to the top. We usually pick some berries along the way and eat them up before going down again.

Solstigen. This hiking trail winds its way from Åre Björnen all around the Åreskutan mountain, and there are many places to start off from depending on how far you want to walk. We usually start at Fjällgården or Tottbacken. Once you’re at Solstigen, you can choose which trail you want to take. Really nice trails in summer or fall!

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Tännforsen waterfalls. The biggest waterfall in the Swedish mountains, it’s about a 20 minutes’ drive from Åre. You can take a walk in the woods here and look at the impressive waterfall. And then take a cup of coffee or eat lunch or dinner at the restaurant.

Tegeforsen. Between Åre and Duved. We usually ride our bikes here during the summer and have a picnic. It’s a super-cute forest road that takes about 20 minutes by bike. You can also drive it in 10 minutes.

Fröa Gruva. See above. In the summer, you can get here by car or bike (we ride our bike trailer that our daughter Edith loves), or walk here from Åre Björnen.

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About Anna and Jacob in the article

Anna Kihlström works as Visual Merchandiser at Peak Performance*. She likes skiing, interior design and working out. Jacob Lönnström works at Peak Performance*, and is also a part-time firefighter and gym owner. He likes CrossFit, as well as downhill and cross-country skiing. Both Anna and Jacob are models for BabyBjörn’s new baby carrier One Outdoors.

*Peak Performance is a Swedish clothing brand for functional sports and casual fashion.