Traveling with a baby

What are the challenges when traveling with a baby? We asked blogger and marathon runner Petra Månström who visited the Seychelles bringing her four-month-old baby (and partner) with her.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Petra Månström traveling with a baby and partner, who has their son in a baby carrier.
Petra Månström traveling with baby and partner.
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Hi Petra! What was it like traveling with such a young baby?

“It went better than I expected. I admit I was pretty nervous before we headed off: I pictured him screaming constantly during the flights, getting a nasty stomach bug and all sorts of horrors. But instead he mostly slept through the flights, slept well at our destination, and my partner and I were the ones with upset stomachs while Adrian was in top form the whole time.”

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Tell us about the challenges of traveling with baby!

“I found actually planning the trip the most exhausting aspect. Calling the airline for the umpteenth time to make sure we had seats with a special drop-down baby bassinet for the baby to sleep in (there are only a few on each plane) and working out how to pack the baby carriage and car seat so they didn’t get damaged during the flight.

We didn’t get seats by a baby bassinet, even though we’d called the airline several times.

Then there were all the medicines and other stuff a baby needs, and deciding on how much food, how many diapers and so on to pack.”

What worked well and what didn’t when flying with baby?

“More or less everything went well. Adrian was happy to be carried in a baby carrier at the airports once we’d checked in his carriage, he slept well, didn’t really seem to mind the heat and humidity, and we were given a huge amount of support onboard the plane and at our destination, where everyone just loved children.

Of course, we didn’t get seats by a baby bassinet, even though we’d called the airline several times to make sure, but the cabin crew fixed this without any problems.”

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Did anything happen that you hadn’t expected at all?

“Yes, but only in a positive sense. I hadn’t expected Adrian to adapt so well to his unfamiliar surroundings, and I never dreamed he’d be so happy to spend so long lying in his mini sun protection tent.”

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Do you have any tips for parents who are traveling with baby?

“Even though it’s difficult, try to relax and take things as they come. Babies are often more adaptable than we think and as long as they’re well fed with a dry diaper, they’re usually happy. When flying with an infant, it’s a good idea to try to time a feed to coincide with takeoff and landing, since this is when pressure changes can be problematic for a baby.

Try to time a feed to coincide with takeoff and landing.

Give up any idea of lying on the beach all day like you did before the baby arrived – this is usually far too uncomfortable for a baby. Take a few hours at a time and take breaks in an air-conditioned room in between. If you adapt to the baby’s feeding and sleep patterns, most things go pretty smoothly. Just don’t expect things to be the same as they used to be. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing ;-)”

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Baby traveling with mom and dad loves being at the beach.
Adrian, four months, enjoys traveling with Mom and Dad.
Photo: Petra Månström

Anything that’s especially good to bring along when traveling with baby?

“Yes, oral rehydration solution for babies. Bring plenty because you’ll probably use at least one packet a day.

Bring a travel kettle to use for cleaning feeding bottles and preparing food.

Get a UV sunsuit for babies, a sunhat and swim diapers – stay in the shade as much as possible, where the baby can wear just a diaper or even spend time without one. We had a mini sun protection tent with us for Adrian to lie in on the beach in the shade.

If you want to take your baby carriage and car seat with you on the plane, it’s important to have the right models, so check in advance with your airline.”

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BABYBJÖRN Magazine – Petra Månström traveling to the Seychelles with her little boy.
Photo: Jonas Hansen

Petra Månström

Age: 39.
Family: Partner Jonas and son Adrian.
Job: Journalist specializing in training and fitness. Petra manages Maratonpodden, Scandinavia’s leading podcast on endurance sports, and she blogs on She published her book Det är bara att springa (“Just Run”) in 2014.