Our history

We sold our first baby bouncer in 1961. Björn Jakobson knew that it would make things easier for families with young children, and he was right – it’s been one of our best-loved products ever since. BabyBjörn was born! Björn and Lillemor, a textile designer and art director, got married and had four children, each of whom served as the inspiration behind a new product to solve an everyday dilemma. Our product range soon expanded to include a travel crib, high chair and changing table.

About us - BabyBjörn

The need for closeness

Björn always worked closely with pediatricians, and in the 1970s they encouraged him to develop a baby carrier. New findings shed light on how important plenty of closeness is for newborns. Hjärtenära (“Close to Heart”) was unveiled in 1973, giving parents in Europe the means to carry their babies safely on their chest.

Dads – here to stay

During the 1980s, there was more and more talk about the important role dads play in the lives of their tiny babies. So dads were featured in BabyBjörn’s ads for the first time – something that wasn’t entirely uncontroversial. But dads were here to stay, and the importance of the closeness of both parents to their baby has always been a fundamental concept at BabyBjörn.

Family with Babybjorn baby carrier 80's

Baby Carrier Original is introduced

Björn and Lillemor are passionate about improving their products. After years of development, filming, testing and interviews, we were able to present Baby Carrier Original, which is now used all over the world. Lillemor, who wants to create unisex designs suitable for both parents, introduced a black baby carrier, a revolutionary concept in the baby product industry.

My inspiration comes from children and making life easier for families with young children. It’s also amazing to see how we’ve helped change attitudes about the role dads play.

Lillemor Jakobson

Ongoing product development

Since then, many products have been developed. Cradles, high chairs, travel cribs and more baby carrier designs. Today, parents can choose between different baby carrier designs in different fabrics, depending on how they want to carry their baby. Since 2013, we’ve offered One and We, baby carriers you can use to carry a slightly larger baby on your back. To date, more than 30 million babies have been carried close to their parents in a BabyBjörn baby carrier.