Our responsibility

The needs and health of the child are always our main focus when we make our products. It is part of our ethos to be extremely careful when it comes to safety and the materials we select.

We also make responsible decisions and create products that are sustainable and can be used for several generations. This is our way of helping to minimize environmental impact.


Focus on safety – close collaboration with experts

We always put child safety first. Since we started in 1961, we’ve collaborated with hundreds of test families, midwives, pediatricians and other child development experts throughout each product development phase. Read more about children and safety

Quality in every detail

For us, quality means paying close attention to every little detail. Babies should be able to use our products again and again as they explore the world together with their parents. We change and improve our products until they comply with the absolute strictest requirements, and they are then always tested by independent test institutes to ensure they meet the highest safety and quality standards.



Our approach to sustainability is evident in everything we do – from the high quality and safety features of our products to our corporate social responsibility. Everything we do leaves its mark on the world around us, and as a manufacturer we hold a responsibility for how we impact society and the environment. BabyBjörn’s products are durable and can be passed on from child to child. We know that one product is often used for five children. Read more about our sustainability work

Choice of materials

We are extremely careful when selecting materials, and all of our products undergo rigorous testing. For example, all of our textiles are tested and approved in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1. This means they are free from harmful and allergenic substances. We are very selective about the suppliers we choose and continually carry out inspections to ensure that our high standards are being met in all countries. Read more about material and product tests