7 situations you may experience before the “Big Tell”

The first weeks of your pregnancy often involve a lot of concealment and secrecy, at the same time as you’re struggling with tiredness, nausea and a body that feels anything but normal. We list 7 situations that you may experience before you break the news that you're pregnant.

BABYBJÖRN Magazine – 7 situations you may experience before the “Big Tell”
That feeling when nobody knows and you have to pretend.
Photo: Johnér

Before the Big Tell – 7 awkward situations

1. When you go out for drinks with friends and have to say you’re taking antibiotics to explain why you can’t drink alcohol.

2. When the in-laws invite you to dinner and you have to (regretfully) refuse the cold-cuts platter they’ve prepared especially for you because they know it’s your favorite.

3. When your colleagues can’t understand why you’re avoiding coffee, when you’re normally more of a five-mugs-a-day kinda gal.

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4. When your friends admire the naturalness of your “no-makeup look”.

5. When it’s the second time this week that someone’s discovered you gently snoring in the office wellness room.

6. When a colleague shows a cute YouTube clip at a meeting and you have to rush out of the room in floods of tears.

7. When your fashion choices inexplicably change from sleek and tight-fitting to flowing and baggy.

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